La Liga
La LigaSpain
  1. 1Barcelona Overall standingsBarcelona37284588
  2. 2Real Madrid Overall standingsReal Madrid37245877
  3. 3Atletico Madrid Overall standingsAtletico Madrid37237776
  4. 4Real Sociedad Overall standingsReal Sociedad37208968
  5. 5Villarreal Overall standingsVillarreal371961263
  6. 6Real Betis Overall standingsReal Betis371781259
  7. 7Osasuna Overall standingsOsasuna371481550
  8. 8Athletic Bilbao Overall standingsAthletic Bilbao371481550
  9. 9Girona Overall standingsGirona3713101449
  10. 10Rayo Vallecano Overall standingsRayo Vallecano3713101449
  11. 11Sevilla Overall standingsSevilla3713101449
  12. 12Mallorca Overall standingsMallorca371381647
  13. 13Cadiz Overall standingsCadiz3710111641
  14. 14Getafe Overall standingsGetafe3710111641
  15. 15Valencia Overall standingsValencia371181841
  16. 16Almeria Overall standingsAlmeria371171940
  17. 17Celta Vigo Overall standingsCelta Vigo3710101740
  18. 18Real Valladolid Overall standingsReal Valladolid371162039
  19. 19Espanyol Overall standingsEspanyol378121736
  20. 20Elche Overall standingsElche37592324
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