Serie A
Serie AItaly
  1. 1Juventus Overall standingsJuventus14103133
  2. 2Inter Milan Overall standingsInter Milan13102132
  3. 3AC Milan Overall standingsAC Milan1492329
  4. 4Napoli Overall standingsNapoli1373324
  5. 5Bologna Overall standingsBologna1457222
  6. 6Roma Overall standingsRoma1363421
  7. 7Atalanta Overall standingsAtalanta1362520
  8. 8Fiorentina Overall standingsFiorentina1362520
  9. 9Lazio Overall standingsLazio1462620
  10. 10Monza Overall standingsMonza1446418
  11. 11Frosinone Overall standingsFrosinone1453618
  12. 12Torino Overall standingsTorino1344516
  13. 13Lecce Overall standingsLecce1437416
  14. 14Sassuolo Overall standingsSassuolo1343615
  15. 15Genoa Overall standingsGenoa1443715
  16. 16Udinese Overall standingsUdinese1318411
  17. 17Empoli Overall standingsEmpoli1432911
  18. 18Cagliari Overall standingsCagliari1424810
  19. 19Verona Overall standingsVerona132389
  20. 20Salernitana Overall standingsSalernitana131578
In this section, you can see past matches and statistics, Serie A the number of matches played by the teams, the number of wins, losses, the number of goals scored, You can see the number of goals conceded and the average and review the fixture details.