1. 1Bayer Leverkusen Overall standingsBayer Leverkusen34286090
  2. 2Stuttgart Overall standingsStuttgart34234773
  3. 3Bayern Munich Overall standingsBayern Munich34233872
  4. 4RB Leipzig Overall standingsRB Leipzig34198765
  5. 5Borussia Dortmund Overall standingsBorussia Dortmund34189763
  6. 6Eintracht Frankfurt Overall standingsEintracht Frankfurt341114947
  7. 7Hoffenheim Overall standingsHoffenheim341371446
  8. 8Heidenheim Overall standingsHeidenheim3410121242
  9. 9Werder Bremen Overall standingsWerder Bremen341191442
  10. 10Freiburg Overall standingsFreiburg341191442
  11. 11Augsburg Overall standingsAugsburg341091539
  12. 12Wolfsburg Overall standingsWolfsburg341071737
  13. 13Mainz Overall standingsMainz347141335
  14. 14Borussia M'gladbach Overall standingsBorussia M'gladbach347131434
  15. 15Union Berlin Overall standingsUnion Berlin34961933
  16. 16Bochum Overall standingsBochum347121533
  17. 17FC Cologne Overall standingsFC Cologne345121727
  18. 18Darmstadt Overall standingsDarmstadt34382317
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