Ligue 1
Ligue 1France
  1. 1PSG Overall standingsPSG29199166
  2. 2Monaco Overall standingsMonaco29167655
  3. 3Brest Overall standingsBrest30158753
  4. 4Lille Overall standingsLille291410552
  5. 5Nice Overall standingsNice29138847
  6. 6Lens Overall standingsLens301371046
  7. 7Rennes Overall standingsRennes301191042
  8. 8Lyon Overall standingsLyon301251341
  9. 9Marseille Overall standingsMarseille291010940
  10. 10Reims Overall standingsReims301171240
  11. 11Toulouse Overall standingsToulouse309101137
  12. 12Montpellier Overall standingsMontpellier309101136
  13. 13Strasbourg Overall standingsStrasbourg30991236
  14. 14Nantes Overall standingsNantes30941731
  15. 15Metz Overall standingsMetz30851729
  16. 16Le Havre Overall standingsLe Havre306101428
  17. 17Lorient Overall standingsLorient29681526
  18. 18Clermont Overall standingsClermont304101622
In this section, you can see past matches and statistics, Ligue 1 the number of matches played by the teams, the number of wins, losses, the number of goals scored, You can see the number of goals conceded and the average and review the fixture details.