1. 1Salzburg Overall standingsSalzburg22174155
  2. 2Sturm Graz Overall standingsSturm Graz22146248
  3. 3LASK Overall standingsLASK22108438
  4. 4Rapid Vienna Overall standingsRapid Vienna22103933
  5. 5Austria Vienna Overall standingsAustria Vienna22105732
  6. 6Austria Klagenfurt Overall standingsAustria Klagenfurt22931030
  7. 7WSG Tirol Overall standingsWSG Tirol22841028
  8. 8Austria Lustenau Overall standingsAustria Lustenau2276927
  9. 9Wolfsberger AC Overall standingsWolfsberger AC22631321
  10. 10Hartberg Overall standingsHartberg22531418
  11. 11Ried Overall standingsRied22461218
  12. 12Rheindorf Altach Overall standingsRheindorf Altach22451317
In this section, you can see past matches and statistics, Bundesliga the number of matches played by the teams, the number of wins, losses, the number of goals scored, You can see the number of goals conceded and the average and review the fixture details.